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Faculty of Electronic Engineering is starting, hopefully, long and prosperous relationship with RoboDK company.

RoboDK is a manufacturer of different software packages used in the field of simulation and offline programming of industrial robots as part of practical exercises of course Introduction to Robotics. One of the aspects covers Offline robot  Programming (or Off-Line Programming). This means programming robots outside the production environment. Offline Programming eliminates production downtime caused by shopfloor programming. Simulation and Offline Programming allows studying multiple scenarios of a work cell before setting up the production work cell. Mistakes commonly made in designing a work cell can be predicted in time.

Offline Programming is the best way to maximize return on investment for robot systems and it requires appropriate simulation tools. The time for the adoption of new programs can be cut from weeks to a single day, enabling the robotization of short-run production.

Fundamental research

Projects within the programme Fundamental Research (carrier: Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš)


Technological development


Projects within the program Technological development (carrier: Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš)


Energy efficiency

Projects within the programme Energy Efficiency (carrier: Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš)


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