Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Computing and Computer Networks


    Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Computing and Computer Networks, laboratory L3, was founded in 1992 as a research laboratory of Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Nis. In the focus of the research are parallel and distributed system, algorithms and architectures of specialized computer systems, digital signal processing, fault tolerant systems, computer networks, cloud systems, and education support systems.

Products /services /technology (offer)

  • Research and development of microprocessor and digital systems
  • Implementations of digital signal processing algorithms
  • VLSI implementation of arithmetic and logic circuits, and digital filters
  • Special purpose architectures
  • Design of embedded and VLSI systems
  • Microprocessor based data acquisition systems
  • Image compression systems
  • Design and implementation of microprocessor based medical equipment
  • Computer Networks
  • Design and implementation of local computer networks
  • Computer network maintenance and management
  • BMS (Building Management Systems) systems implementation
  • Ethernet enabled microcontroller systems
  • Cloud systems


    Projects supported by Ministry of Science and Technological Development
  • Monitoring and control system for business and residential facilities (2001 - 2004),
  • Power consumption simulator in dynamic tariff system (2005 – 2007),
  • Interoperability and smart data integration on corporate level (2008 – 2010),
  • Integrated intelligent system for physiotherapy (2011 – 2014).
  • TEMPUS projects:
  • Innovation of Computer Science Curriculum in Higher Education (2002 - 2005),
  • Pilot Implementation of ECTS (2005 - 2006),
  • Continuous Education for Informatics Teachers in Elementary and Secondary Schools in Serbia - CONTINUED (2007-2009),
  • National Platform for Knowldedge Triangle in Serbia (2010-2012).

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