Laboratory for thermovision

General information

  • Name of the laboratory: Laboratory for thermovision
  • Address: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, Aleksandra Medvedeva 14, M2-4
  • Contact person: Prof. dr Dragan Mančić
  • Total number of employees and associates: 5
  • Phone: 018/529-444, 018/529-663
  • Web site:
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • By the decision of Teaching and Scientific Council of the Faculty of Electronics Engineering in Niš, Laboratory for termovision was formed in 2004th as a scientific and research laboratory. The main activity of the laboratory is the realization of research projects, as well as for providing various services in the field of thermal imaging. In addition, the laboratory is employed in teaching and laboratory exercises in the Termovision course, as well as for performing the professional practice of students.

Products /services /technology (offer)

    Laboratory for termovision has a various devices for temperature measurement, among the most significant are thermal imaging camera Varioscan 3021ST, Flir i7 thermal imaging camera, pyrometer ST-8855 and others. Areas within the thermal imaging examinations are performed include:
  • preventive maintenance;
  • thermal imaging of facilities;
  • monitoring and optimization of industrial processes / quality control;
  • research and development;
  • medicine and veterinary medicine;
  • monitoring of facilities.


    Laboratory for termovision has established cooperation with several institutions with the signed agreements on technical cooperation. Several different concrete projects were realized in the field of energy efficiency among which the most significant projects of thermal imaging tests include:
  • district heating plants in 12 cities in Serbia;
  • 160 power station for Elektrodistribucija, a company in Serbia;
  • complete production process and industrial facilities in 9 plants;
  • quality of thermal insulations and construction works in order to improve energy efficiency and to determine heat loss in 60 residential buildings, schools and hospitals in Serbia;
  • materials and various electronic devices in cooperation with the Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics from University of Niš, Iritel from Belgrade, as well as with firms NT Soft and Mikrotehnika from Niš;
  • during surgery and postoperative treatment of patients at the Department of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Prosthetics, Clinical Center Niš, and the Faculty of Dental Medicine (Faculties of Medical Science) University of Belgrade;
  • The Laboratory for termovision realized the project financed by the Ministry of Science TR-6222B, Application of thermal imaging, development of new test methods and software for processing of thermal images in the period between 2005th and 2007th.

List of the most significant equipment

  • Thermal imaging camera Varioscan 3021ST;
  • Thermal imaging camera Flir i7;
  • Pyrometer ST-8855;
  • Ground Penetrating Radar‎ GSSI SIR System-20

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