Laboratory for power electronics and solar systems

General information

  • Name of the laboratory: Laboratory for power electronics and solar systems
  • Address: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, Aleksandra Medvedeva 14, L 63
  • Contact person: Prof. dr Dragan Mančić
  • Total number of employees and associates: 5
  • Phone: 018/529444, 018/529663
  • Web site:
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Laboratory for power electronics established as a teaching laboratory of Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. The main purpose of the laboratory is teaching and laboratory exercises in courses: Power Electronics, Power Electronic Converters, Power Supplies, Ultrasonic Technique and others, as well as performing the professional practice of students. In addition, the laboratory is used for various research projects.

Products /services /technology (offer)

    Laboratory for power electronics performs with the design, realization, optimization and verification devices and systems in the field of:
  • power electronics (design and implementation of power converters, rectifiers, DC/DC converters, battery charge controller, inverter, controller for maximum power point tracking of PV systems, power supplies, electronic ballast, etc.);
  • powerful ultrasound technology (design and optimization of strong piezoceramic transducer and generators);
  • rotary and fixed photovoltaic systems (development, realization and monitoring of grid connected 5kW photovoltaic systems as well as the basic units for implementation of modular PV plants with higher power);
  • Ecology (design and development of automated measuring systems that are able to perform basic ecological and meteorological measurements).
  • For the purposes of teaching and research and development laboratory have relevant measuring and computer equipment.


    Some of the projects financed by the Ministry of Science which are realized in this laboratora are:
  • Research and development of piezoelectric materials, components and related electronic devices, 1994-1997;
  • High-voltage converter for the 3kW X-ray power generator, 1997-1998;
  • Development of illumination measuring equipment and equipment for industrial installation, 2002-2004;
  • Development and realization of local systems to continuously measure and monitor environmental and meteorological parameters in accordance with international standards, 2008-2010;
  • Development, testing and comparative analysis of rotating and stationary solar radiation receivers, 2006-2009;
  • Development, realization, optimization and monitoring modular rotating photovoltaic on-greed systems with power 5KW, 2011-2014;
  • Improve the system for remote measurements, environmental monitoring and the establishment of monitoring, 2011-2014.

List of the most significant equipment:

  • Monocrystalline PV panels HEM 24V/245 Wp;
  • Monocrystalline PV panels HEM 60M6F245:3BB;
  • Monocrystalline PV panels 4MEPV230R RHENAC;
  • Polycrystalline PV panels 4PEPV230R RHENAC;
  • Inverter Platinum 2100S;
  • Inverter Platinum 4600S;
  • Inverter Platinum 6300S;
  • Three-phase electric meter Atlaselectronics MFT 2 SK1HM;
  • PoE power injector 802.3 af;
  • Network camera Axis M1113-E;
  • Weather station Vaisala WXT 510;
  • Instrument for measuring radioactive radiation Gamma Scout-online;
  • Instrument for measuring the intensity of solar radiation VOLTCRAFT PL-110SM;
  • Kinematic slew drive.

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Address: Aleksandra Medvedeva 14, 18106 Niš

Phone: +381 (18) 529-105

Fax: +381 (18) 588-399

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PIB: 100232259

Account number: 840-1721666-89