ICEST – The International Scientific Conference on Information, Communications and Energy Systems and Technologies is organized every three years with the support of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of the Republic of Serbia, IEEE section of Serbia and Montenegro and Society for ETRAN. The organizers of the Conference are the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, Faculty of Telecommunications in Sofia and the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Bitola. The first Conference was held in 1963 at the Technical University in Sofia under the name “Days of the Radio”, and in 1977 the name of the Conference was changed into “Communication, electronic and computer systems”. Since 2000 it has become an international conference under the name EIST (Energy and Information Systems and Technologies). The first two EIST Conferences were organized by the Faculty of Communications and Communication Technologies, Sofia and the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Bitola. In 2002, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš joined successfully the Conference organizers and then again the Conference changed its name becoming ICEST. The 46th Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies ICEST 2011 was held from 29th June to 1st July 2011 at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš.

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