The Department of Telecommunications was founded in 1969 just after the establishment of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. Professors Georgije Lukatela, Ilija Stojanović, Ilija Hadži-Nešić, Aleksandar Marinčić, and Husnija Kurtović from the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade gave the most significant contribution to the establishment and development of the Department of Telecommunications. Also, Dušan Drajić, Grozdan Petrović, Slobodan Lazović, Miroslava Milošević, Čedomir Živaljević, Rade Petrović enhanced the quality of teaching and research work at the department. A group of lecturers and assistants from the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering (Bratislav Milovanović, Miodrag Gmitrović, Vera Marković and Vladan Stanković) started to work at the Department of Telecommunications in 1989. They extended the research work and courses in the area of microwave technique, antennas and electromagnetic wave propagation. Prof. Dr. Ilija Stojanović, Prof. Dr. Ilija Hadži Nešić, Prof. Dr. Rade Petrović, Prof. Dr. Mihajlo Stefanović, Prof. Dr. Bratislav Milovanović, Prof. Dr. Zorica Nikolić, all had the function of the Head of the Department of Telecommunications. Prof. Dr. Vera Marković is the Head of the Department.



Studies in the field of Telecommunications
The field of telecommunications, having the long tradition and important role in university education in our country, is one of the most popular among students of technical sciences. The new telecommunications teaching courses were accredited at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, as a result of Bologna declaration application and telecommunications technology development. Studies are organized in three levels (4+1+3 years): academic, master (module Telecommunications) and PhD. Programmes and lectures are organized according to the specific requirements of telecommunication market and various interests of future engineers. Students are provided with knowledge of analog and digital communications, signal processing, routing, telecommunication networks and theory of telecommunications. Also, they learn about classic, mobile, satellite and optic telecommunications systems, cripto and error control coding, signal compression, etc. Moreover, several equipped laboratories enable them to obtain adequate knowledge regarding telecommunication engineering and practical skills that include design of telecommunication devices, application of standards and regulative in modern fixed and mobile RF and microwave systems (broadcast, cable, optic, mobile, satellite systems, etc). Also, as a result of integration of communications and information technologies students are offered courses that encompass audio, video and data processing, programming, information and multimedia systems and technologies. Graduated students of Telecommunications are skilled for practical and research work. Many of them have continued study at some faculty abroad or have been employed at institutes and companies all over the world.


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