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From the very beginning, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering has been dedicated to its mission based on successful scientific and research results and their implementation. During the years, the Faculty has developed the existing and introduced new education modules that educate students for present-day and future technical and technological accomplishments. At the same time, it has developed its own human and material resources. Following its adopted principles, the Department of Power Engineering was founded in September 1987. The aim of this department was to organize the tuition for Industrial Power Engineering module since it is an organizational unit of pedagogic and scientific activity. The beginning of the Department of Power Engineering work is February 1988. The basis of the department has been set by Professor Predrag Rančić, the first Head of the Department of Power Engineering. At the beginning, significant contributions to power engineering development have been given by the professors from other faculties from the country (FRY at that time): Prof. Dr. Stanimir Jovanovski and Prof. Dr. Arsen Arsenov, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Skopje, Prof. Dr. Gojko Muždeka, Prof. Dr. Nikola Rajaković, Prof. Dr. Milenko Đurić, Prof. Dr. Borislav Jeftenić, Prof. Dr. Dragan Petrović, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Belgrade, and Prof. Dr. Đukan Vukić.



Courses of the Department of Power Engineering

Graduate Academic Studies:
Electromechanical Energy Conversion, Electrotechnical Materials, Electric Circuits in Power Engineering, Basics of Electronics, Metrology of Electrical Quantities, Mathematics 3, Power Distribution and Industrial Networks, Engineering Mechanics, Мeasurement Techniques in Power Engineering, Modelling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems, Power Transformers and Direct Current Machines, Electrical Instalations and Lighting, Electromagnetics, Electric Power Components, Electronic Measurements, Power Quality, Process Control, English Language I, Alternating Current Machines, Electric Power Transmission, Automatic Contro, Power Cable Engineering, Numerical Analysis, English Language 2, Fundamentals of Power Electronics, High Voltage Power Plants, Testing of Electrical Machines, Professional Practice / Team Project, Power Electronic Converters, Electric Traction and Vehicle, Transient Analysis of Electrical Machines, Automatic Control Systems, Distributed Generation of Electrical Energy, Engineering Education and Sustainable Development, Business Communications, Electric Power Plants, Electrical Drives, Power System Protection, Electric Drives Project Design, Programmable Logic Controllers, Systems for Industrial Process Supervision and Control, Groundings, Special Electric Machines, High Voltage Engineering, Industrial Measurement and Control Systems, Electrical Drives-Selected Chapters, Power System Analysis.

Master Academic Studies:
Electric Drive Control, Selected Chapters of High Voltage Power Plants, Static Electricity in Technological Processes, Powerline Telecommunications, Lightning Protection, Electricity Market and Deregulation, Distribution Network Management, Operational Research, Computer Based Industrial Measurement Systems, Exploitation of Electric Power Networks, Control of Power Converters and Drives, Professional Practice / Team Project, Multi-motor Drives, Power Systems Planning, Electronic Control Circuits for Converters, Dynamics of Electrical Drives, Selected Chapters of Power Systems Analysis, Special Electrical Instalations, Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Engineering, Study and Research Work, MSc Thesis.

Doctoral studies:
Еlectrical Machines and Energy Efficiency, Еlectrical Drives - Selected Chapters, Diagnosis and Monitoring of Electrical Machines, Distribution Systems, Planning and Operation of Power Networks, Grounding and Grounding Systems, Optimisation Methods in Power Engineering, Electrical Machines and Transformes - Selected Chapters, Electrical Machines and Power Converters for Renewable Energy Sources, Digital Control of Electrical Drives and Converters, Power System Stability, Power Cable Engineering, Power Quality in Distribution Networks, Active Distribution Networks and Microgrids.


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