The Department of Electronic Components and the Department of Technology and Materials, which initially were formed within the Electronic Engineering Section at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, in early seventies merged into a single Department of Electronic Components and Materials. This department changed its name first into the Department of Microelectronics and Electronic Components, which was shortened to the Department of Microelectronics in the early nineties. The department of Microelectronics was the first at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering to organize the graduate level studies by engaging professors and research associates from the University of Ljubljana, “Jožef Štefan” Institute, and “Vinča” Institute. Accordingly, the first master thesis at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering was completed at the Department of Microelectronics.

After recent corrections of the teaching plan, which were followed by an official accreditation of the study programme on Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Department became capable of providing education on Electronic Devices and Microsystems fully compatible with education available at corresponding departments of leading European Universities. The department of Microelectronics has exceptional human resources, with a number of well-known professors and associates, and owns sophisticated equipment for teaching in accordance with European standards. Theoretical and practical knowledge acquired by engineers graduating from this Department ensures success in the design and realization of analog and digital electronic circuits and systems for application in computers, telecommunications, automatics, robotics, industrial electronics, etc. A number of former students who graduated from the Department now successfully work in foreign companies, research institutes and universities.

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