Professional studies:
Mathematics (1. semester 2+2+0), Mathematical methods* (4. semester 2+1+1).

Graduate academic studies: Mathematics I (I semester 3+3+0), Mathematics II (II semester, 3+3+0), Mathematics III (EEN, EMT, EKMS, TEL, UPS) (III semester 3+2+1), Mathematical methods in Computer science  (RII) (III semester 3+2+1), Discrete mathematics (RII) (IV semester 2+2+0), Mathematics IV (TEL) (IV semester 2+2+1), Mathematical methods* (UPS) (IV semester 2+2+0), Operational research* (UPS) (IV semester 2+2+0), Probability and statistics* (UPS) (IV semester 2+2+1), Discrete mathematics* (UPS) (IV semester 2+2+1), Fourier and wavelet analysis* (EMT)  (IV semester 2+2+1), Numerical analysis* (EEN) (VII semester 2+2+1), Probability and statistics* (EKM) (VI semester 2+2+0), Numerical analysis of PDE* (EKM) (VI semester 2+2+0).

Master academic studies: Numerical methods in telecommunications* (TEL) (IX semester 2+3+1), Fuzzy sets and logic* (UPS) (IX semester 2+3+1), Numerical mathematics* (UPS) (IX semester 2+3+1), Discrete mathe¬matics* (EMT) (IX semester 2+2+2), Numerical mathematics* (EMT) (IX semester 2+2+2), Probability and statistics* (EMT) (IX semester 2+2+2), Numerical methods* (EMT) (IX semester 2+2+2), Fuzzy sets and logic* (EEN) (IX semester 2+2+0), Geometric modeling* (RII) (X semester 2+2+0), Fou¬rier and wavelet analysis* (RII) (X semester 2+2+0), Graph theory* (RII) (X semester 2+2+0);

PhD studies (Module: Applied mathematics): I semester: Approximation theory, Numerical linear algebra, Numerical and symbolic mathematics, Discrete mathematics, Mathematical methods of optimization, PDE in theoretical electric engineering;
II semester: CAGD, Dynamical systems and chaos, Numerical algorithms analysis, Industrial systems simulation, Mathematical models in industry, Coding theory and cryptography, Interval mathematics.

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