The beginning of mathematical courses at the Electronic Department of Technical Faculty in Niš, coincide with its founding in October 1st, 1960. In the initial years these courses were given by professors and assistants from Belgrade: Dr. Dobrivoje Mihailović, Dr. Đorđe Karapandžić and Petar M. Vasić, MSc. As early as November 1st, 1960, Radosav Ž. Đorđević, MSc, became the first assistant. In 1962 a new assistant, Ljubomir B. Stanković, MSc, was employed. Starting in 1963, Živadin Pantić spent a short time at the Department.
In 1968, the Electronic Department of Technical Faculty developed into the Faculty of Electronic Engineering. From the fall of 1969, the common Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade was formed and headed by Prof. Dr. Dragoslav S. Mitrinović. In the same year, 1969, lecturers of mathematics were Dr. Petar M. Vasić and Dr. Radovan R. Janić from the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. In addition, a new assistant Ivan B. Lacković, MSc, joined the Department.



Professional studies:
Mathematics (1. semester 2+2+0), Mathematical methods* (4. semester 2+1+1).

Graduate academic studies: Mathematics I (I semester 3+3+0), Mathematics II (II semester, 3+3+0), Mathematics III (EEN, EMT, EKMS, TEL, UPS) (III semester 3+2+1), Mathematical methods in Computer science  (RII) (III semester 3+2+1), Discrete mathematics (RII) (IV semester 2+2+0), Mathematics IV (TEL) (IV semester 2+2+1), Mathematical methods* (UPS) (IV semester 2+2+0), Operational research* (UPS) (IV semester 2+2+0), Probability and statistics* (UPS) (IV semester 2+2+1), Discrete mathematics* (UPS) (IV semester 2+2+1), Fourier and wavelet analysis* (EMT)  (IV semester 2+2+1), Numerical analysis* (EEN) (VII semester 2+2+1), Probability and statistics* (EKM) (VI semester 2+2+0), Numerical analysis of PDE* (EKM) (VI semester 2+2+0).

Master academic studies: Numerical methods in telecommunications* (TEL) (IX semester 2+3+1), Fuzzy sets and logic* (UPS) (IX semester 2+3+1), Numerical mathematics* (UPS) (IX semester 2+3+1), Discrete mathe¬matics* (EMT) (IX semester 2+2+2), Numerical mathematics* (EMT) (IX semester 2+2+2), Probability and statistics* (EMT) (IX semester 2+2+2), Numerical methods* (EMT) (IX semester 2+2+2), Fuzzy sets and logic* (EEN) (IX semester 2+2+0), Geometric modeling* (RII) (X semester 2+2+0), Fou¬rier and wavelet analysis* (RII) (X semester 2+2+0), Graph theory* (RII) (X semester 2+2+0);

PhD studies (Module: Applied mathematics): I semester: Approximation theory, Numerical linear algebra, Numerical and symbolic mathematics, Discrete mathematics, Mathematical methods of optimization, PDE in theoretical electric engineering;
II semester: CAGD, Dynamical systems and chaos, Numerical algorithms analysis, Industrial systems simulation, Mathematical models in industry, Coding theory and cryptography, Interval mathematics.

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