The Department for Computer Science was established in 1969 under the name the Department for Information Processing. The first Head of the Department, as well the first Dean of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, was Prof. Dr. Tihomir Aleksić. One of the first computers, IBM 1130, was installed at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, two years after the establishment of the Department, in 1971, as part of a computer center. In 1974 the Department became the Department for Automatics and Data Processing, and in 1978, after the separation of Automatics, the Department became the Department for Data Processing. Since 1994 the Department has had the present name – the Department for Computer Science. The first teaching laboratory with PC computers was formed in 1991, while today there are over 50 computers available to students for realization of their learning activities.

The studies in the field of computer science and informatics at the University of Niš began back in the school year of 1966/67, when the Electric department of the Technical University of Niš formed a sub-department for digital systems. The first subjects were Theory and design of digital systems, Theory of Programming and Digital circuits and high-speed memory, and the first teachers of these subjects were Prof. Dr. Tihomir Aleksić, Prof. Dr. Nedeljko Parezanović and Prof. Dr. Boris Jovanović.
In the field of educational activities, the Department organizes and conducts classes within professional, academic and doctoral studies. During the existence of the Department, features of classes held have been constantly innovated and several changes have been made to the curriculum, which was the responsibility of the Department (formerly the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, now the Department of Computer Science).
The first scientific-research laboratory within the Department was formed in 1991, while today there are five laboratories performing research and implementations in the field of information technologies.
Prof. Dr. Tihomir Aleksić, the first Head of the Department, the first Rector of the University of Niš (1969-1973) and the first Dean of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering (1969-1973) and a longtime Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Živko Tošić (since 1975 until the retirement in 2002) had a significant influence on the development of the Department. Since 2002 to 2004 the Head of the Department was professor Dr. Milena Stanković, and since 2004 to 2010 Prof. Dr. Ivan Milentijević. The present Head of the Department, since 2010, is Prof. Dr. Leonid Stoimenov. Besides professor Aleksić and professor Tošić, among other members of the Department the function of the Dean was also held by Prof. Dr. Snežana Nikolić (1984-1985), while Prof. Dr. Dragan Janković is the present Vice-dean for Science (since 2002) and the President of the University Council in Niš.
The first papers in the field of computer science were published in mid-60s of the last century (L. Đorđević, Ž. Tošić). An important contribution to the development of this area was also made with the first computer science projects led by the teachers from the Faculty. One of such projects is Microprocessors in managing and processing data, managed by Prof. Dr. T. Aleksić. Besides concrete results, the results of this project are also 28 scientific papers in the field of computer science.
Over the last 50 years the Department for Computer Science has developed its own teaching staff consisting of 14 professors and 18 contributors (junior teaching assistants, teaching assistants and teaching associates), of which 16 have a PhD and 12 have a master degree.

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