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The Department for Computer Science was established in 1969 under the name the Department for Information Processing. The first Head of the Department, as well the first Dean of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, was Prof. Dr. Tihomir Aleksić. One of the first computers, IBM 1130, was installed at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, two years after the establishment of the Department, in 1971, as part of a computer center. In 1974 the Department became the Department for Automatics and Data Processing, and in 1978, after the separation of Automatics, the Department became the Department for Data Processing. Since 1994 the Department has had the present name – the Department for Computer Science. The first teaching laboratory with PC computers was formed in 1991, while today there are over 50 computers available to students for realization of their learning activities.


Teachers and Associates

dr Rаdomir S. Stаnković, full professor
dr Milenа M. Stаnković, full professor
dr Eminа I. Milovаnović, full professor
dr Teufik I. Tokić, full professor
dr Ivаn Z. Milentijević, full professor
dr Drаgаn S. Jаnković, full professor
dr Milorаd B. Tošić, full professor
dr Leonid V. Stoimenov, full professor
dr Dejаn D. Rаnčić, associate professor
dr Drаgаn H. Stojаnović, full professor
dr Vlаdаn V. Vučković, associate professor
dr Suzаnа R. Stojković, assistant professor
dr Vlаdimir V. Stаnković, assistant professor
dr Nаtаlijа M. Stojаnović, assistant professor
dr Vlаdimir M. Ćirić, assistant professor
dr Aleksаndаr Lj. Milosаvljević, assistant professor
dr Ivаn M. Petković, assistant professor
dr Brаtislаv B. Predić, assistant professor
dr Aleksаndаr S. Stаnimirović, assistant professor
dr Vаlentinа M. Nejković, teaching assistant
dr Dušan Gajić, teaching assistant
mr Aleksаndаr M. Dimitrijević, teaching assistant
mr Miloš M. Rаdmаnović, teaching assistant
mr Vlаdаn T. Mihаjlović, teaching assistant
mr Oliver M. Vojinović, teaching assistant
mr Petаr J. Rаjković, teaching assistant
mr Mаrtin D. Jovаnović, teaching assistant
dipl. inž. Miloš D. Bogdаnović, teaching assistant
dipl. inž. Nikolа P. Dаvidović, teaching assistant
dipl. inž. Nаtаšа Ž. Veljković, teaching assistant
dipl. inž. Vladimir Simić, teaching associate
dipl. inž. Aleksandar Milenković, teaching associate
dipl. inž. Ivica Marković, teaching associate
dipl. inž. Igor D. Antolović, teaching associate
Ivаn S. Cvetković, lab technician


Professors emeritus


Dr. Nebojša Z. Milenković


The Department organizes classes within academic, professional and doctoral studies. The largest number of classes is at academic studies, where professors of the Department organize teaching primarily for computer science study group within the Department of Computer Science, but also for other Departments within the Faculty. The total number of compulsory and optional courses, performed by professors from the Department is over 100, starting with Introduction to Computer Science and Algorithms and Programming at the first year of studies, which are compulsory for all departments,  and a large number of compulsory and optional courses in the field of computer science and information technologies. Plans and curriculums are up to date with current standards and corresponding courses at world known universities. Within vocational studies the Department organizes classes for a study group Business Information Systems. Within doctoral studies, the Department is in charge for organization and realization of classes for the module Computer Science and Informatics. At the first year of doctoral studies the Department offers 7, and at the second 13 optional classes that cover wide knowledge range from computer science and informatics domain.


The Department of Computer Science laboratories: more.

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