• Control systems

    Control systems departmant works on robotics and automation problems

  • Electronics

    Electronics departmant works on computer aided design of Electronic Circuits

  • Power engineering

    Power engineering departmant works on energy transmission systems

  • Mathematics

    Mathematics departmant works on new matematical (numerical) models

  • Measurements

    Measurements departmant works on new measurement methods and tools

  • Microelectronics

    Microelectronics departmant works on energy harvesting problems and new electronic circuits

  • Computer Science

    Computer Science departmant works on new information systems

  • Telecommunications

    Telecommunications department works on research and education in the fields of design, maintenance and development of telecommunication networks, systems and devices.

  • Theoretical Electrical Engineering

    Departmant of Theoretical Electrical Engineering works on permanent magnet problems and new mathematical models for fast field computation

  • General education

    General education departmant improves foreign language knowledge and business correspondence skills

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