Control Systems

At enrollment at this study program, students chose between two offered modules:

  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Computer Control Systems and Measurement Engineering.

At the study program Control Systems, master engineers gain knowledge for creation, design and implementation of modern control systems, as well as for application of computer and measurement engineering for control of complex technological processes. The courses present upgrade of acquired knowledge in the field of Control Systems and mainly contain advanced topics. After completion of all courses, student starts work of the diploma paper which brings 18 ECTS credits.

The aim of the study program Control Systems is education of students who will work in all fields of industry and apply their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Control Systems in industry, mining and power engineering: fulling mill, ironworks, power plants, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, timber, rubber, textile, food and tobacco industry, transport of goods, oil and gas, etc.
  • Control of transport: automatic control of road and railway transportation (centralized control of the traffic in cities, automatic railway stations, airports and flight control, subways, etc.)
  • Computer control of remote objects: systems for water supply, central heating, electric power distribution and facilities, systems for data collection and information (fire protection, hail protection, measurement of the ecological parameters)
  • Robotics application: industrial robots (metal, textile, car and rubber industry), robots in dangerous environments (nuclear plants, chemical industry, mining).
  • Application of control computer systems in the construction objects: power and water supply, elevator control, security and fire protection.
  • Control systems in the army and military industry: rocket systems, radar systems, systems for notification and leading, installed computer systems within military devices.
  • Control computer systems for installation: home devices, medical devices, leading devices in cars, systems for car testing.
  • Control system in service provision: city administration, banks, and shopping malls.
  • Measurement of physical parameters in the field of environmental protection.
  • Innovation and management of the quality system within the production processes.

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