Computer Science and Informatics

This study program of master academic studies has three modules:

  • Computer Engineering,
  • Information Technologies,
  • Software Engineering.

The aim of the study program Computer Science and Informatics at the master academic studies is education of students for acquiring academic title master engineer of electrical engineering and computer science. Master engineers have the knowledge of the highest degree in the field of computer science and informatics. After finishing master academic studies, master engineers are competent for the following tasks: independent or team work in the computer and software industry at the development and maintenance of complex systems and products, team work in development and research projects of developmental centers, institutes and other academic institutions in the field of computer science and informatics. They are also competent for teaching in the field of computer science and informatics in high schools or tertiary educational institutions (as teaching associates).

At the study program Computer Science and Informatics, students gain competencies in the following fields: design of software and hardware systems for various purposes, processing and organization of information, management of different types of information, development of information technologies, design of intelligent systems, search and provision of information for various purposes, development of interaction human – computer, as well as development and use of computer communications.

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