Electronics and Microprocessor Technology

The characteristic of this study program is that students acquire more specific scientific, professional and applicable knowledge within two modules:

  • Electronic Components and Microsystems (ECM) and
  • Electronics and Microprocessor Technology (EMT).

Throughout these two modules, students gain professional and scientific specialization for the field of application and design of electronic components and microsystems and for the field of application and design of electrical circuits, devices and specific systems.

Within each module, there are enough number of optional subjects defined within two optional subject groups in Electronic Components and Microsystems module and five optional subject groups in Electronics and Microprocessor Technology module. By choosing these subjects, students can adjust their personal educational profile to their personal needs and affinities.
By completing the study program Electronics and Microprocessor Technology, students gain competencies to design, produce, test and maintain electronic components, circuits, devices and systems, as well as additional software logistics.

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