Master academic studies

Control Systems

At enrollment at this study program, students chose between two offered modules:

  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Computer Control Systems and Measurement Engineering.

At the study program Control Systems, master engineers gain knowledge for creation, design and implementation of modern control systems, as well as for application of computer and measurement engineering for control of complex technological processes. The courses present upgrade of acquired knowledge in the field of Control Systems and mainly contain advanced topics. After completion of all courses, student starts work of the diploma paper which brings 18 ECTS credits.



The general goal of this study program at the master academic studies is acquiring necessary knowledge and skills for students to have more possibilities for employment and/or further education in the field of telecommunications and more widely in the field of electrical engineering and computer science. Within this study program there are three modules:

  • Digital Telecommunications – module which, beside rich theoretical knowledge, offers practical knowledge on modern digital telecommunication systems applied in the field of mobile, satellite and optical communications.
  • Telecommunications Engineering – offers all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of modern engineering in telecommunication systems. The students gain knowledge for discovering the optimal technical solutions, designing of telecommunications network and systems, applying the standards, etc.
  • Communication and Information Technologies – students gain theoretical and practical knowledge from the current field which present the integration result of the communication and information technologies.


Computer Science and Informatics

This study program of master academic studies has three modules:

  • Computer Engineering,
  • Information Technologies,
  • Software Engineering.

The aim of the study program Computer Science and Informatics at the master academic studies is education of students for acquiring academic title master engineer of electrical engineering and computer science. Master engineers have the knowledge of the highest degree in the field of computer science and informatics. After finishing master academic studies, master engineers are competent for the following tasks: independent or team work in the computer and software industry at the development and maintenance of complex systems and products, team work in development and research projects of developmental centers, institutes and other academic institutions in the field of computer science and informatics. They are also competent for teaching in the field of computer science and informatics in high schools or tertiary educational institutions (as teaching associates).


Electronics and Microprocessor Technology

The characteristic of this study program is that students acquire more specific scientific, professional and applicable knowledge within two modules:

  • Electronic Components and Microsystems (ECM) and
  • Electronics and Microprocessor Technology (EMT).

Throughout these two modules, students gain professional and scientific specialization for the field of application and design of electronic components and microsystems and for the field of application and design of electrical circuits, devices and specific systems.


Electrical Power Engineering

General goal of this study program is the education of engineers competent for the development and design of complex systems and part of systems from the field of production, transfer, distribution and use of electric power. Special goals of the study program Electrical Power Engineering are aimed at additional education in the fields of exploitation and planning of electrical power networks, electrical machines, regulated electrical drives and their design, measurement and information systems in industry, electric traction, the application of  telecommunications in power engineering, electromagnetic compatibility and static electricity in industry.


Master academic studies

Master academic studies present the continuation of basic academic studies. Master academic studies at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering last two semesters (one year) and the student acquire at least 60 ECTS credits. To enroll at this study program, only candidates who acquired a minimum of 240 ECTS credits during undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering or a similar faculty are eligible. The total number of points necessary for acquiring the academic title master engineer is 300 ECTS credits.


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