Basic academic studies

Basic academic studies

Name of the study program Duration (years) ECTS Title acquired after completed studies
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 4 240

Graduated Engineer of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The teaching process at the study program Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is organized in eight semesters (four school years). During the first year (two semesters) students acquire general knowledge in the field of engineering, and from the third semester they can choose more specialized fields within six following modules:

  1. Electric Power Engineering – The subjects of this module cover fields of electric power engineering systems, electric power machines, electric power engineering electronics and electrical measurements.
  2. Electronic Components and Microsystems – contains basic knowledge in the field of electronics, measurement, signals transmission and processing, then specific knowledge on modern nanotechnologies, new materials and their implementation in the microsystems.
  3. Electronics and Microprocessor Technology – includes fields of design and application of electrical circuits, devices and systems based on implementation of microprocessors. Special attractions of this module are groups of optional subject through which students are directed at multimedia technologies, application of electronics in medicine and auto electronics.
  4. Computer Science and Informatics - contains fields relevant for the design and development of software, database and computer hardware.
  5. Telecommunications - contains fields related to the modeling, compression and transmission of signals via optical, satellite, cable, mobile and microwave communication systems.
  6. Control Systems – scientific fields related control systems, computer technology, electronics, measurement technology and electric power engineering.

Teaching process within the study program is realized through:

  • compulsory subjects – they comprise basic knowledge which students need to master (some of these subjects are common for some modules);
  • optional subjects – a basis for further development and profiling students knowledge for the fields relevant for certain modules;
  • professional practice or team project – students perform this in VI semester (or VII within the module Telecommunications) in cooperation with the teacher. Through this work students familiarize with the latest professional and technological knowledge, as well as with the elements of expert team work;
  • final paper, which is done in the last – VIII semester.

Through the study program Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, students gain competencies to design, produce, test and maintain devices and systems, as well as necessary software logistics in the field of electric power engineering, microelectronics, electronics, computer science and informatics, telecommunications and control systems.

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