Center for Quality Provision

The Center for Quality Provision is an expert and counseling body that plans, analyzes and manages the evaluation of the whole educational system and scientific and research work at the Faculty. The Center provides implementation of the established standards and actions for quality provision, in a way established by the Strategy for Quality Provision and the Standards and Actions for Quality Provision, and in accordance with the Statute and other general regulations of the Faculty. Therefore, the Center is responsible for the establishment of the System for Follow-up, Provision, Improvement and Development of the Quality.

Basic activities of the Center are regular and systematic data collection and analysis for the evidence of the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the study program quality, and therefore work on the proposition preparation of the annual report on study programs quality, as well as actions for its improvement. Activities of the Center are also focused on generating adequate documents and procedures for control, provision and improvement of quality and self-evaluation, having in mind that the Center organizes and implements self-evaluation and assessment of the quality of the study programs, teaching process and work conditions. Besides that, the Center participates in the work of certain units and bodies for quality provision at the University. In 2008, the Faculty Council designated Dr. Zoran Nikolić for the position of the Center Manager.

Continuous follow up, provision, improvement and development of quality are performed by the Commission for Quality Provision that consists of all subjects in the system of quality provision, i.e. students, teaching and non-teaching staff. The commission is established by the Teaching and Scientific Council of the Faculty. The Center coordinates the work of the Commission with the clear definition of its scope of work, jurisdiction, authorization and way of work.

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