Center for Continuous Education

The Center for Continuous Education is an organizational unit of the Faculty, where additional educational activities are planned and carried out, apart from regular teaching, in order to acquire additional knowledge for the experts in the field of electrical engineering and information technologies, new knowledge and improvement of information knowledge for experts of other fields. It also organizes additional courses for students of master and doctoral studies. The Center organizes courses, seminars, summer schools, workshops and conferences.

CISCO Academy of Networking Technologies exists at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering since 2006. The Academy works within the global educational programme Cisco Networking Academy, which has 9000 institutions from over 165 countries. Course attendees are trained to design, realize, maintain and secure computer networks. The whole programme lasts one year and it is carried out in the rhythm of one or two sessions that last 4 hours per week.

Work of the Academy is completely standardized and controlled. The standards are related to the curriculum, equipment used for training, process of certification for trainers, quality policy, as well as for the size of groups and rhythm of work. Trainers are teaching assistants at the Faculty, who have years of experience in teaching and network technologies.

Through the academy training, which combines direct training and learning supported by the electronic teaching material, theoretical lectures and practice with the real network devices and equipment, the attendees acquire necessary knowledge and skills which qualify them for solving of concrete tasks and open the way for acquiring industrial certificates.

During the period of three years, over 60 attendees passed the training, mainly students of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, but also engineers of computer science and telecommunications from companies where Academy has established cooperation. Some of the companies who sent their employees to attend courses are: Telekom Srbija, Jugoistok, Simpo, Elsat Čačak, Ninet, etc.


The quality of trainees and training itself is proofed by the fact that the Cisco Networking Academy of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering had great success at the annual regional meeting of Cisco Company - Cisco Expo 2008. It was the most successful academy during the competition of academy trainees from the region, both in single and team competitions.

Together with the Microsoft IT Academy it makes a good foundation for a significant increase of activities within the Center for Continuous Education. At the beginning of 2007 the realization of first courses started. The teachers at the Academy are the teaching assistants from the Department of Computer Science, who acquired necessary certificates at the Regional Academy in Skopje.

In 2006/2007 school year, there was further development of cooperation with Microsoft and the increase of Academy activities offering new courses for students and commercial courses. Three Learning Courses have been realized for teachers of high and primary schools (approximately 1000 trainees).

Certain activities related to the creation of technical conditions have been implemented for the purpose of further successful work of the Academy. Also, the teachers and associates of the Faculty who will work as trainers in the Academy are constantly specializing.

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