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Nowadays, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering represents an outstanding educational, scientific and research organization and institution of particular social interest that successfully follows the development of electrical engineering and information and communication technologies worldwide. It also represents the foundation for modern economy within the technological development of the Republic of Serbia in the 21st century.

The study programs of professional, bachelor, master and doctoral studies that are realized at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering are adopted in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on High Education, the University of Niš Statute and the Faculty Statute.


Historical overview

At the end of the 50s of the XX century in Serbia there grew the needs for the human resources with the high school education. Namely, in 1958 at 55 employees in electrical industry there was one engineer, and by the perspective developmental plan of electrical industry in Yugoslavia, it was predicted to employ 45000 in 1960 and 1961, and 80000 workers in 197. Concerning the fact that in the NR of Serbia at that time the engineering of low currents were educated only at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade it was decided to form other university centers. City of Niš, as one of the biggest centers in the Republic of Serbia, with the developed industry and wide network of various cultural, educational, medical and other institutions, had an excellent possibility of establishing a faculty and university. Therefore, the Executive Council of NR Serbia on 18th May, 1960, came up with a decision to establish three faculties in Niš: the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Law and Economics and the Technical Faculty, all within the University of Belgrade.


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