Executive management body

The Executive Management Body of the Faculty is the Dean, who manages the work of the Faculty and in accordance with the Labor Law performs duties in the name of the Faculty Council as the manager.


The Dean is the President of the Teaching and Scientific Council and Elective Council.


Suggested by the Teaching and Scientific Council, the Dean is elected and resolved by the Faculty Council. The Dean is elected without an open competition, among the full-time professors at the Faculty, for the period of three years, with the possibility of one re-election.


The current Dean is Dragan Mančić, full professor.

dragan jankovic



The Faculty has three Vice-deans who perform duties given from the jurisdiction of the Dean. Vice-deans are elected by the Dean, for the period of three years, with the possibility of re-election.


The current Vice-deans are: dr Leonid Stoimenov, dr Boban Veselić and dr Nebojša Dončov.

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