Faculty management board

The Faculty Management Board is the Faculty Council. It has 19 members, out of which 13 are the Faculty representatives, elected by the Teaching and Scientific Council of the Faculty, then 3 representatives delegated by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and 3 representatives of the Students Parliament. The Faculty Council can form permanent commissions, working groups or temporary commissions for the purposes of discussing certain issues, or creation of reports, drafts, decision suggestions, etc.

Permanent commissions are: the Commission for Housing Issues, the Commission for Awards and Medals, the Commission for Financial Issues and the Disciplinary Commission.
Current members of the Faculty Council are:
1. Prof. dr Dragan Pantić, president

2. Prof. dr Milan Kovačević
3. Prof. dr Slađana Marinković
4. Prof. dr Predrag Petković
5. Prof. dr Vera Marković
6. Prof. dr Nataša Maleš-Ilić
7. Prof. dr Leonid Stoimenov
8. dr Vesna Javor, vanredni profesor
9. dr Vladimir Ćirić, vanredni profesor
10. dr Nenad Cvetković,docent
11. dr Danijel Danković, docent
12. dr Aleksandar Atanacković, asistent
13. mr Dušan Vučković

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