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Half a century of existence, continuous lasting and permanent development is an anniversary deserving respect and worthy of remembering. 

From the distant 1960 till today, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš has become one huge family of students, professors, associates, researchers and non teaching staff. In that very beginning the idea for the establishing of this faculty got realised thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of the businessmen and outstanding professors and scientists from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. Today, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš is proudly celebrating half a century of existence and successful work.
As any other family who in their festive occasions happily remember significant moments, so shall we here at the beginning turn to the time that made us what we are today.


At the end of fifties of the last century there was one engineer in 55 employed in electro industry. According to the development plan of this economy branch in 1961 and 1962 there were 45000 people to be employed, and in 1971 those were 80000 workers. At that time engineers were educated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.
With its geographical position and size, developed industry and a wide network of infrastructure, Niš was eligible to become a university centre. Therefore, within the University of Belgrade, three faculties were established in Niš: the Faculty of Medicine, of Law and Economy, and Technical Faculty (with the Departments of Machine Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Electronics).
In the school year of 1960/16 the first generation of students of the department of Electronics of the Technical Faculty of Niš was enrolled.
From the moment when the first graduated student Aleksandar (Antonije) Nenčić defended his diploma paper till today, 5509 candidates obtained diplomas of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, 516 defended master theses, and 187 candidates defended doctor theses.
An unavoidable cornerstone for the establishing of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering was laid by Zavodi PP (later The Electronic Industry) headed by the director Vladimir Jasić, whose name is written in gold letters in the history of the Faculty. Within the area of their factories, Zavodi PP allotted a part of the Toolhouse building where teaching process began. The first teaching staff were professors from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. Their contribution for the foundation and development of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš is invaluable.
In November 1968, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia enacted the Law on the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. Since then the Faculty has been working as a higher education institution with the status of a legal entity within the University in Niš. In 1982 the new building of approximately 25.000 square meters was completed, funded by the Republic. This meant that all the necessary preconditions were met for the adequate teaching process and the research work.
Today the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš represents a prestigious educational and scientific research organisation that successfully follows the developments in electronic engineering, information and communication technologies in the world, and which represents a basis for a modern economy in the technological development of our country in the 21st century. The Faculty of Electronic Engineering has human, organisational and space resources which, with the help of the community can be adapted for creating even better conditions for the development of scientific research work and the realisation of numerous significant projects of wider relevance. The best students would be engaged in those. Thus, those young people would not leave but stay in their country and hereby realise their ambitions, and the results of their scientific contribution would be used here, for the benefit of everyone.  
The modernisation of the curriculum is a lasting process. All participants in teaching invest large efforts in their work. This results in higher efficacy of studying, higher engagement of students during instruction and better results in the scientific research. The participation of students in the scientific research through their engaging in scientific research projects has significant results.
The Faculty of Electronic Engineering has well equipped classrooms and laboratories in which curriculum and scientific activities are performed in the contemporary way. The Faculty constantly makes efforts to further modernise the teaching and allow students the use of adequately equipped laboratories.
We are particularly proud of the number of students that is significantly larger in the last few years. This brings hope that the studies of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science are of interest, and that this Faculty keeps pace with the contemporary trends in education of young, ambitious people who want applicable knowledge and world recognised diplomas.
In the contemporary environment of fast development of science and technology, the educational and scientific research activities at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Niš are the projection of today’s work and study for the future application. Therefore, we need to be visionaries with clear goals that are never too far for us not to be able to think of even newer ones.
The setting of such goals means having a solid basis. The Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš has such basis. It is invested with the knowledge, experience, work, and life, of generations of professors, associates, researchers, other employees, who all according to their own merit, contributed to the development of the Faculty. This festive moment – the anniversary is an opportunity to thank them all.
Finally, I would like to congratulate students who acquired diplomas from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš at all levels of studies, and especially to those who made outstanding results in studying and to their teachers who made efforts to help them.
The Faculty is a state institution, so it owes gratitude to its founder for the understanding and support, first of all to the Ministry of Education and Science, then the University of Niš whose part it is, the City of Niš, and all organisations and individuals who contributed and who contribute still to the development of the Faculty. For all of them the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš is a reliable partner.

Prof. Dr. Dragan Antić
Dean of the Faculty

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